About Sarah

Anything is possible if you have
the courage to make it happen.


About Sarah

Anything is possible if you have
the courage to make it happen.

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You’re ready to be grounded in who you are and feel magic in your life once again. I’m here to help you find a deep spiritual connection and build an empowered life.

Feeling stuck and directionless, yet again?! I’m here to help you connect with your divine purpose and build a life beyond your wildest dreams.

If you’re tired of feeling disappointed about how your life has turned out, I can help reignite your passion and feel alive again!

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I Believe in Magic. I believe in you.

I Believe in Magic. I believe in you.

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I believe we all have a unique purpose, and have the power to create a life of meaning and fulfillment. We aren’t meant to play small and live year after year wishing for a different life.

You are a spiritual being who has depth and wisdom within you. By tapping into this sacred space in your core, you will radiate your light and energy into the world.

You were meant to live a life of purpose and meaning. Your soul is ready to shine!


My Story

My Story

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You have everything you need to create a soul-driven purpose-filled life already within you.

I spent countless hours and way too much money hiring people to tell me what I was missing. I’ve hired coaches, worked with business mentors, went to workshop after workshop, and have read endless books looking for the secret to success.

“If you just buy our next program, we’ll give you what you need to be successful. Which, of course, is to buy our next level package!” I’ve been duped again and again by those selling dreams and inspiration under the guise of success strategy.

The truth is, I had everything within me all along. And so do you.

I just didn’t know where to look. I was seeking wisdom OUTSIDE myself, when all I had to do was turn within. And what I found was beautiful.

Yes, you need some common sense and basic business knowledge. But you also need YOU. And when I stopped relying on others (and draining my bank account in the meantime), I made room for remembering who I am: What I love, what I care about, and what I’m meant to do.

When I stopped searching and returned to stillness, I reconnected with the truth of my soul. I had a Spiritual Awakening and remembered the sacred heart-space at the core of my being. I was able to move towards my goals with a wide open heart that was grounded and soft.

Let’s be real: Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It’s scary to admit your desires, claim your worthiness, and devote your life to fulfilling your purpose. There’s a lot at stake if you fail. But look at what you lose if you DON’T try!

So even thought my courage was buried deep beneath my insecurities and failures, I dug it up, dusted it off, and put it to use. I figured that even if I failed, the pain of disappointment would be better than the pain of regret at the end of my life.

And the truth is, I did fail. A LOT.
(Check out my free “Fail Like a Boss” guide to overcoming failure.)

Below are my biggest lessons learned from my experiences throughout the years of entrepreneurship and spiritual awakening.


Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

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Work sucks? Find another job or start your own business. Tired of your city? Move. Don’t like your partner? Dump ‘em.
You’re not a victim of your circumstances. You’re powerful, even when it’s scary. Be courageous enough to claim your worth and make a change.

I used to wait around for someone to advocate for me, to provide me with the secret to success and save me from my life. Then I realized, nobody is here to save me or give me success and happiness. I have to create it on my own.

This is when I started using my voice more and speaking up for myself. If someone treats me poorly, I defend my right to respect. If someone questions my credibility, I stand in my power and show them my experience. If someone is trying to scam me, I don’t fall for it.

But it works in the positive too. If someone compliments me, I accept it with joy. If I create success, I embrace it with pride. I enjoy my life because I have reclaimed my power when I realized nobody is here to save me. I get to build my life.

Each failure I experienced came with some amount of ridicule and “See, I told you it couldn’t happen” remarks. (Sometimes I was the one saying it to myself!) And each success I’ve had came with some amount of “Pfff. She didn’t actually work for it. It was just luck.”

The voices of critics will always be present. But it’s up to me whether or not I listen.

The times when I’ve gained the most momentum is when I found my inner empowerment. I was grounded enough in my own sense of self that I could admit my mistakes and learn from them. I also was willing to be vulnerable and stay focused on my heart’s desires.

The balance between resilience and tenacity, and vulnerability and open heartedness has been the biggest key to my success.
(Check out my SparkTalk at Naropa University all about how to balance this!)

Sometimes it’s easy to feel discouraged when you keep running into setbacks or hitting brick walls. But no matter how grim the situation, there’s always a new possibility.

I’ve learned to ask kids what they think about a problem. Children have a great imagination that isn’t bogged down with “real world” issues. So they always see possibilities, even if they’re far fetched.

So release your attachment to the problem, and get excited about new possibilities that you hadn’t thought of. If you’re committed to the challenge, you’ll never find the solution.

Ready to claim your power and build a life you love?

Find Your Passion. Live Your Purpose.

Rediscover Your Life’s Purpose
5-Part video series to ignite your passion and live in alignment with your purpose.

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Fail Like a Boss.

Overcome Failure like a true Leader
Step by step guide to turning your setback’s into success every time.

Empowered Relationships coaching

Work privately with Sarah
Claim your power and curate a life of freedom with 1:1 coaching.

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stop waiting. Start living.

8 Steps To Your Most Powerful You
8-Part program designed to help you deeply connect with your authentic self.


You Are Ready

You Are Ready

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You’re tired of feeling like your life is empty and pointless.
You’re ready to feel fully alive again.

You feel like your life has no meaning or depth. You just drudge through the day feeling dull and unfulfilled.
You’re ready to get clear about your purpose.

You know you want something different, but you don’t know what it is. You’re not happy, but you don’t know what happy looks like.
You’re ready to be madly in love with your life again.

You know there’s more to life, and you crave it. But nothing seems to make you light up.
You’re ready to create a deep spiritual connection with your soul.

You don’t like your relationships (work, home, partner, etc.), but you don’t know how to stand up for yourself.
You’re ready to regain control and feel empowered in your relationships.

You’re scared you’ll end up at the end of your life filled with regret, and are afraid of wasting precious years of your life.
You’re ready to be grounded in who you are, and build the life of your dreams!


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"You will not go wrong by hiring Sarah Byrd as your Empowered Relationship Coach. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and smart as a whip!"

“If living a purposeful life full of passion is something you’d like to do, look no further; working with Sarah is your first stepping stone in that direction.”

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“Sarah is incredibly good at what she does, and she does it so effortlessly and with so much love. Each of my sessions with her gave me clarity, focus, and excitement, and I looked forward to them eagerly every week.”




Education & Experience

Sarah Byrd holds degrees in both Religious Studies and Contemplative Psychology (Concentration in Transpersonal & Humanistic Psychology) from Naropa University. She also had a minor in Sanskrit. Located in Boulder, CO, Naropa University is the only Buddhist-based contemplative university in the US.

Sarah is trained in a Tibetan lineage of Buddhism, and practices both Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.

She has participated in various spiritual experiences since she was a young teen (all facilitated by professionals). These include Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal Breathwork, trance dancing, sweat lodges, past life regressions, shamanic journeys, yogic fire breathing, and more. These experiences, along with her Buddhist and mysticism practices, allow Sarah to bring a holistic approach to coaching.


Sarah Byrd is the founder of Hello Lovely Life, LLC, a company based in Boulder, Colorado, that focuses on mindfulness and spirituality.

Sarah is originally from Austin, Texas, and has lived in Boulder, Colorado and Leicester, UK. While abroad, Sarah hosted a Buddhist radio show called Charming Dharma. Upon returning to the US, she reestablished Charming Dharma as a podcast focused on living mindfully in your everyday life.

Sarah produces a publication called Basic Goodness Magazine that is focused on helping people live a spiritually grounded and positive life. This is a partner publication to the Charming Dharma podcast, and is Sarah’s first venture into authorship, although a book is on the way!

Sarah is a life coach, photographer, and teacher of all things spiritual. Her vast experience in the world of mysticism and her knowledge of the business world, make her a Spiritual Expert that still has her feet on the ground as a modern day woman.


Let's Connect

Let's Connect

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